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O.G. WILLIKERS  AKA Zach Maloof is a New Mexican hip-hop artist. He started out as a songwriter, guitarist and drummer, but has since added promoter and audio engineer to his skill set. Now artistically focused as an emcee/producer, he hosts the RaRa Room Radio Podcast and is a contributor to the Outstanding Citizens Collective. Willikers is focused on utilizing music as a vehicle to build local and global community through events and musical collaboration.

O.G. Willikers has released 8 EP’s, 5 singles and 3 music videos in the form of side projects, groups, solo works and collaborations (most notably the hip-hop party/bar band State of The Mingo). His style switching act had finally come full circle as he debuts his fully realized vision of O.G. Willikers to his scene and the greater world of hip-hop. This 15 song record was written while traveling various parts of the world. The music is heavily inspired from those journeys.

Including production and features from: Anthonius Monk, Asliani, AuxAudio, Benzo, Fluid, Wolfman Jack, iGod, Emily Kaye, DJ Cap, Legun, Docta G, El Praboo and others. The phenomenal cover was designed by OCC's Wonky! Available on all platforms!

Lights On For Safety LP - 2018

An inclusive group of artists who have joined talents to share and contribute to the success of one another's creative endeavors. Inspired by the collaborative and communal principles of Hip-Hop culture, we strive to combine all elements of artistic expression with public service. Our goal is to grow as individuals while simultaneously uplifting our community.

The Outstanding Citizens Collective is...

the "Sample Platter" Mixtape is a compilation of tracks by members of the OCC. 22 classic tracks. Available only at LIVE shows.  

Heeby Jeeby DELUXE LP
O.G. Willikers

Years in the making, The Heeby Jeeby DELUXE LP is the combination of songs from several O.G. Willikers solo and side projects from the last 5 years. Originally released in the form of 'The Heeby Jeeby EP' & 'The Freaky Deaky EP' it also includes work from the "Santa FElians EP'. This record is a limited release found only at live shows. 


"Ridin' On That Sunshine"

By O.G. Willikers & Samwise 

Art by Wonky


Ordinary Guy ft. DJ Cap and Docta G

by O.G. Willikers

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K.Benally/LETSJUSB "We Go Where the Sound is ft. O.G. Willikers"

Video produced by K.Benally/LETSJUSB

Watch the new video "La City" 

produced by El Prabooo &

filmed in Peru

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